Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is an experience through which people follow the guidance either in person or with the help of an audio/video and start meditating in response to the guide. Voice has the power to influence a person’s mind. Our Guided Meditation will help people to relax and focus on the things that they actually need instead of wasting time on unnecessary things.
There are three popular Guided Meditation, let us understand it one by one:
The practice of mindfulness:
Mindfulness Meditation is simple and effective. Through this type of mediation we train the mind to do something different from what the mind actually does. Our thoughts are all over the world as our mind is just like a playful kid. During Mindfulness meditation we train to stay still. This kind of meditation is useful for starters. Once your audience is comfortable and get started with the basics of meditation.
Stress Relieving through Mediation:
Stress is a modern problem and ‘’Modern problem needs modern Solutions’’. Our minds have constant thoughts like, ‘’Why am I overthinking about a situation? Or ‘’ What’s wrong with me?’’ Or ‘’ Why good things happen to bad people?’’ etc… To release all these unnecessary thoughts, stress relieving meditation is important.
Relaxation through Meditation:
Relaxation is a process through which people will meditate with the help of pleasant and soothing music that helps the listener let go of tensions and anxiety related to work or some other situations. We allow our audience to close their eyes and imagine things which they want in the near future.
Can I learn Meditation?
Yes! Absolutely, at White Lotus Solutions you can learn every service we offer.

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