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Energy Healing addresses the disturbance of energy inflow in the entire body which causes illness. It’s said that if the energy inflow gets fixed, the healed person is automatically cured.
Rahul Srivatsan PR

Professional Energy Healer

Meet the FOUNDER

‘Rahul Srivatsan’, the soul of White Lotus Solutions, began his healing journey in 2017, with more than 7+ years of experience in healing. So far he has healed thousands of people who are now living a peaceful life thanks to his various healing forms.
Another thing we would like to add here is that Rahul Srivatsan is an expert in healing animals as well. Though these adorable creatures are unable to speak, they still need healing in some way or another.
His vision for the near future is to bring massive awareness that anything can be healed. He shares a lot of interesting doubts on healing. Watch the video attached to know more about healing and its process.

Even Pets are be Healed

Why do People Love Us?

The way i got the counseling was very nice and i could explained everything and got solution for many of my problems and the remedies are simple and doable.
Shrinath Shri

The treatment was excellent and the care was gentle. The customer service was also top-notch. Overall, I had a positive and satisfying interaction with them.


Rahul sir patiently hears all my problems and explained about the healing therapy clearly and within 2 sessions I find some improvement in my situation.

Suja Siva

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